IBSS support in ath10k - our test results and questions

Sven Eckelmann sven at open-mesh.com
Mon Mar 23 04:24:51 PDT 2015

On Thursday 19 March 2015 14:40:42 Ben Greear wrote:
> In case you have a public kernel tree available somewhere with all your
> patches, that might help speed up someone's attempt to reproduce this?

I have uploaded the patchset of our test setup at


As Simon already said, it is not a kernel tree but patches on top of compat-
wireless from OpenWrt r44654. If you want to import something into an actual 
tree then please create patches and replace the CPTCFG_* strings with 

Here a small explanation of the branches:

 * openwrt_44654: initial import of the source + patches of mac80211
   (compat-wireless) package from OpenWrt r44654
 * ath3.19: patches of ath10k which were between the compat-wireless version
   and Linux 3.19
 * candelatech-lf-lf-5.3.1 patches taken from Candelatech's 3.19 tree (minus
   some patches which weren't related to the wireless stuff)
 * master: the patches which were used for the IBSS test with Ben Greear's
   firmware. Most came from Janusz Dziedzic. The rest are just a few small
   changes to fix builds, workarounds to fix loading of the firmware and some
   required patches for Janusz Dziedzic's IBSS stuff.
 * fw-999.999-ibss patch to allow loading of the original firmware with most
   of Ben Greear's patches. Was used to verify that the original 999.x
   firmware worked fine with block ack sessions + aggregation

The only patches not included here are some test patches which weren't part of 
the actual "performance" tests. This includes patches used for debugging and 
tests to check the IBSS RSN stuff over ath10k (which failed - most likely due 
to some firmware "features" regarding encryption which resulted in non-
decryptable packets).

I think you can use wpa_supplicant 2.4 for VHT. I personally used a patched 
version of iw which hardcoded the ibss join VHT parameters. I haven't tested 
this yet because I've done the port of the OpenWrt patches on friday evening 
and hadn't time to test it with ath10k. But this problem doesn't require VHT 
features and thus should be visible with the plain HT setup and no VHT 

Kind regards,

PS: Not sure if you have finished the test with ath9k IBSS RSN + HT. I was 
under the impression that you had problems with it. Beside the stuff I already 
wrote in an earlier mail, the only thing which came to my mind was the 
wpa_supplicant build setup. IBSS RSN doesn't work with a standard build and 
you have to enable CONFIG_IBSS_RSN in the wpa_supplicant config. An example 
config which works (with the OpenWrt build system of course) can be found at


The wpa_supplicant (runtime) config would be look like this:

        # openwrt specific patch for htmode, mcast_rate

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