Specific tx rates with ath10k

Ben Greear greearb at candelatech.com
Thu Mar 12 11:29:11 PDT 2015

Ath10k firmware gives ability to set specific fixed rate-control rates
for beacons/mgt, multicast, broadcast, and regular traffic.

The ath10k driver only sets regular traffic currently.

I had previously hacked my firmware to just set all rate types when
ath10k driver requested to set the rate.

But, that is not what my customer needs.

So, I am now planning to add some debugfs entries to allow users to set
beacon/mgt, multicast and broadcast rates individually (I don't have time or interest
right now to try patching things top to bottom to try to get this feature
into mac80211 stack or 'iw').

My question is, for when user just runs a command like this:

./local/sbin/iw dev vap1 set bitrates legacy-2.4 6 ht-mcs-2.4

What is the desired behaviour?

Set all rates (beacons/mgt, bcast, multicast, regular) to the same
fixed speed, or just a certain subset of these traffic types?

I can make my firmware do whatever combination is required, and then
users can over-ride the values by using debugfs.....

As a note, ath10k firmware will NOT send beacons at HT speeds, so
if you fix an HT rate, then firmware will ignore that for the beacons/mgt
ratecontrol type.


Ben Greear <greearb at candelatech.com>
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