First QCA6174 firmware release

Michal Kazior michal.kazior at
Wed Feb 11 22:31:05 PST 2015

On 12 February 2015 at 07:04, Austin Hendrix <namniart at> wrote:
> I consider myself a fairly skilled programmer; if the format is documented
> somewhere, I have no doubt that I can write a tool to put the firmware into
> the proper format. Does anyone know where the firmware format is documented,
> or do I have to go read the source for the driver to figure out the firmware
> format?

Take a look at ath10k_core_fetch_firmware_api_n(). You can derive an
encoder logic from this easily.

> The bigger question is, how can I confirm that I'm wrapping the correct
> firmware?

If ath10k parses it later and boots then it's correct? :-)

> I found a qca61x420.bin file (probably firmware; definitely compiled code)
> in /Windows/System32/drivers/qca61x420.bin , but the ath10k driver doesn't
> recognize it as firmware.

The blob you found is the raw binary that is pushed to the device.
ath10k expects to find it in a wrapped "FW API" which also contains an
OTP program. You also need to make sure to setup correct
fw_features/op_version (you can disassemble the hw3.0 wrapper blob).


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