ATH10K VLAN firmware issue

Cedric VONCKEN cedric.voncken at
Tue Dec 8 06:29:24 PST 2015

	I'm testing to transmit frame with 802.1q tag (VLAN).

	My client is set in STA + WDS and the netdev is bridged with
	I have a computer with vlan configuration set connected to the
STA eth0.

	If I try to transmit frames with 802.1q tag, the frames are not
	I checked with wireless sniffer, and I don't see the frame with
VLAN tag (the frames without VLAN tag are sent).

	I tested with firmware from kale github,
10.1.467-ct-com-full-015 from candelatech and from openwrt,
and in all cases I have the same issue.

	Thanks for your help.


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