Dusseldorf: LPC special session on ath10k

Kathy Giori kathy.giori at gmail.com
Mon Sep 22 12:26:28 PDT 2014

Hey there ath10k enthusiasts,

The afternoon prior to the Linux wireless summit that John Linville
and Johannes Berg are hosting:

we've reserved a conference room to focus on ath10k topics of
interest. If you have specific items you'd like to see addressed,
please let me (or Kalle Valo) know in advance.

The mini ath10k summit will be held in the "VIP-SH" sponsor meeting
room that is located on the 2nd floor of the CCD. Apparently there
will be signage onsite to guide you to the room. We have the room
reserved from 1-5pm Wednesday, October 15. And we might want to carry
on the conversations into the evening over dinner or whatever -- so
let me know if you are interested in that part as well. Hoping to see
you there!


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