Unicast packets stop being transmitted to a particular station, under load, when WPA2 is enabled

Adrian Chadd adrian at freebsd.org
Wed May 14 13:46:56 PDT 2014

ok, so I've taken a 30 second look.

The CCMP IV's used for TID 3 look creepy. They start at 0x300000000000
and go up. It's much higher than the rest of the IVs used for
transmitting on the other TIDs.

It'd be nice to see TID 3 traffic -before- it negotiates the ADDBA,
just to see what the heck is going on there.

What _should_ be happening!

* transmitting to a station should have exactly one CCMP IV, shared
across all frames being transmitted. It should be allocated in order,
regardless of the TID
* on the receiving side, there's tracking for the CCMP IV seen for
each TID, and checked to avoid replay attacks.

It's choosing a totally different CCMP IV space for transmitting on
TID 3. I don't know why.

(And I still don't have firmware source, so I can't tell you yet. grr.)

Ben - I'm punting this one to you!


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