Report Firmware firmware-2.bin_10.1.467.2-1 Error

Kalle Valo kvalo at
Tue Apr 15 04:02:30 PDT 2014

Vu Hai NGUYEN <vh.nguyen at> writes:

> When I load the firmware-2.bin_10.1.467.2-1 I got this error when I
> put my device in mode ACCESS POINT: "PCI express error: irq - 228, Pex
> number: 0, Interrupt Cause Register value: 10" But if I use the
> version 999.999.0.x. I don't have this error.

I wonder if this has something to do with cold reset causing PCI bus
errors? But we need more information to say more. Can you send the full
dmesg output (from the beginning of kernel boot) along with detailed
descriptions of your host platform and what kind qca98xx board you have.

Even better is if you can also send a debug log output using debug mask
value 0x432. More info:

Kalle Valo

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