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Ben Greear greearb at
Wed Apr 9 18:41:02 PDT 2014

On 04/09/2014 02:18 PM, Shu, Nick wrote:
> Hi, Kalle and all:
> I have a question about upgrade the diver and firmware for my wifi ac pcie card.
> I read through the docs in your /ath10k website and did the driver and firmware update.
> After that, here is what I read back from system:
> root at coast198:/home/spirent# ethtool -i wlan0
> driver: ath10k_pci
> version: 3.11.0-12-generic
> firmware-version: 999.999.0.636
> bus-info: 0000:03:00.0
> supports-statistics: yes
> supports-test: no
> supports-eeprom-access: no
> supports-register-dump: no
> supports-priv-flags: no
> So, I can see the firmware has been updated (I used firmware-2.bin_999.999.0.636 for STA, right?).
> But how can I find out have drivers been changed?
> I did following to change the driver:
> 1. Download the tarball from "backports-3.13.2-1" to my PC.
> 2. FTP it to my Linux box (test server running on Ubuntu 13.10 server).
> 3. Unpack it to my working directory.
> 4. Run "make defconfig-ath10k"
>         "make"
>         "make install".
> 5. But auto install failed because of some initramfs issue (no key? from error message), so I manually "rmmod" all drivers ( ath10k_pci.ko, ath10k_core.ko, mac80211.ko, ath.ko, cfg80211.ko, compat.ko) and then "Insmod" all drivers back.
> 6. Run "update-initramfs -u" and reboot.
> Did I do everything correct?
> I used "dhcpcd wlan0" to get a valid IP address from a Netgear wifiac ac access point, but from access point manager, the MAC for my card is still "00:03:07:12:34:56".
>>From your last email, you said this default MAC was caused by wrong driver and firmware, so why it's still there after I changed driver and firmware? Do I miss something?

You are going to have to use the 10.1.467 firmware for that NIC it seems.  That MAC means
the OTP logic in the firmware cannot understand the eeprom config on your NIC.

I haven't tried the 999.x firmware, but I did have a similar problem when using WLE900VX on
a 10.1.389 firmware (.467 had support I needed).


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