ath10k driver and firmware upgrade

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> So, I can see the firmware has been updated (I used firmware-2.bin_999.999.0.636 for STA, right?).
> But how can I find out have drivers been changed?
> I did following to change the driver:
> 1. Download the tarball from "backports-3.13.2-1" to my PC.
> 2. FTP it to my Linux box (test server running on Ubuntu 13.10 server).
> 3. Unpack it to my working directory.
> 4. Run "make defconfig-ath10k"
>          "make"
>          "make install".
> 5. But auto install failed because of some initramfs issue (no key? from error message), so I manually "rmmod" all drivers ( ath10k_pci.ko, ath10k_core.ko, mac80211.ko, ath.ko, cfg80211.ko, compat.ko) and then "Insmod" all drivers back.
> 6. Run "update-initramfs -u" and reboot.
> Did I do everything correct?
> I used "dhcpcd wlan0" to get a valid IP address from a Netgear wifiac ac access point, but from access point manager, the MAC for my card is still "00:03:07:12:34:56".
> >From your last email, you said this default MAC was caused by wrong driver and firmware, so why it's still there after I changed driver and firmware? Do I miss something?

May be you can get the mac address correctly using the following method.



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