[RFC 1/3] nl/cfg80211: add chan_time for scan request

Johannes Berg johannes at sipsolutions.net
Fri Aug 2 09:01:10 EDT 2013

> > That's what I'm worried about - the implicit semantic change here.
> I think I understand your point now.
> I'm thinking of using series of passive scans for ACS now, so perhaps
> the whole chan_time stuff is unnecessary. What are your thoughts about
> it?

Well, still then you're relying on the fact that passive channels scans
will stick to each channel for ~110ms or so. This is true today, but
it's not really specified.

I don't think that using the scan command would be a big deal, but maybe
this 'measurement' behaviour should be explicitly enabled? Maybe other
devices even have to do something special to collect the data.


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