Patches from ARM folks solicited for the -stable tree

Greg Kroah-Hartman gregkh at
Thu Nov 21 10:32:54 EST 2013

On Thu, Nov 21, 2013 at 04:43:37AM +0000, Paul Walmsley wrote:
> Talking with Greg KH last month, he mentioned that the -stable maintainers 
> aren't seeing enough patches from ARM SoC folks.  I'd assume this includes 
> both subarchitecture and driver code.  So maybe this is something we can 
> all change?
> The stable kernel submission information is available here:
> These days it seems like I have about one patch per merge window that 
> could be a stable candidate.

That's all?

Anyway, if you forget to tag any stable patches, just send the git
commit id of the patch that's in Linus's tree to stable at
and I'll queue them up.


greg k-h

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