A poor maintainer's problem

Robert Jarzmik robert.jarzmik at free.fr
Wed Nov 5 13:05:01 PST 2014

"Keller, Jacob E" <jacob.e.keller at intel.com> writes:

> I believe that Aiaiai tries to re-use the same trees in order to conserve space?
> Are you running jobs in parallel or serial? If we can isolate exactly why
> objects are being kept around, maybe we can determine a way to refactor so that
> we don't keep this data if it's no longer useful, and thus we can shrink the
> size of required disk space.

Hi Jake,

In serial, one after another.

And as far as I understand aiaiai-test-patchset, it does:
	for defconfig in $defconfigs; do
		test_configuration "$defconfig"
And test_configuration does :
	aiaiai-make-kernel $verbose $sparse $smatch $cppcheck $coccinelle -o
        "$obj1" ...
       	aiaiai-make-kernel $verbose $sparse $smatch $cppcheck $coccinelle -o
        "$obj2" ...
And there is no rm anywhere around.

I was wondering if at the end of test_configuration I could add a :
	rm -rf "$obj1" "$obj2"



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