module_param alttseting permissions mask (speedtch.c)

Aurelio Arroyo listas_sk3 at
Wed Aug 22 10:25:10 EDT 2007

Duncan Sands escribió:
> Hi Aurelio,
>> I'm checking the module_param permissions mask for amedyn2.c
>> Is realy usefull allow write permission on altsetting param. Or can I 
>> change it to 0444 without lost anything?
> it is for the speedtouch which has several useful altsettings.
> Does it cause problems?

No problems. I'm try to see what permissions mask use in amedyn2.c for 
altsetting param.
But i don't see why speedtch allow write on it and don't use a read only 

Can be the altsetting changed after the modem is init with speedtch.c or 
it allow write for a future use.

    Aurelio Arroyo

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