SpeedTouch and ISO mode, stats, ADSL Max.

David Woodhouse dwmw2 at infradead.org
Tue Mar 21 08:07:10 EST 2006

They're going to be rolling out 'ADSL Max' across the UK soon, which I
believe is just fully rate-adaptive ADSL1, and should theoretically give
up to 8Mb/s speeds -- and some ISPs are just going to do a mass regrade
of their customers' lines.

We're going to need isochronous mode working properly for this -- is it
actually working at the moment? I saw a discussion about it in January,
which didn't seem particularly conclusive.

At http://www.speedtouch.co.uk/330.asp they also have a link to a 'Dr
SpeedTouch' tool, which can apparently fetch line statistics. It'd be
good if we could learn that trick, too.


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