ADSL link startup/shutdown trouble

Giampaolo Tomassoni g.tomassoni at
Mon Mar 6 13:31:48 EST 2006


I'm experiencing a problem with the linux speedtch module.

When a linux system connected to internet via a speedtch modem on an ADSL line is rebooted, the Internet connection doesn't resumes as expected and all the received cells are reported as errors. To solve, I have to physically shut the system down, wait the CLassical Interpower Pause ( :) ) of 5 secs, re-power the system and everything goes right.

The problem is probably due to the fact that during a reboot, the system power never goes away and, with many systems like mines, not even the USB power. Thereby, while the system is rebooting the SpeedTouch modem keeps running and managing the ADSL link by its own. When the speedtch module resumes operations, it 'sees' that the modem doesn't need a firmware upload and doesn't even attempt to reset it. This way, however, somehow the cell sync between the module itself and the modem (or possibly between the module itself and the remote DSLAM? Or the DMA buffer?) gets missed.

Is there any way to force the speedtch module to reset the modem at startup? Or is it a totally different problem?

I'm actually using Linux 2.6.14. I used the speedtch module in 2.6.12, 2.6.13 and 2.6.14 and all these versions were afflicted by this problem.

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