SpeedTouch 330 fails to load firmware

Gilles Espinasse g.esp at free.fr
Tue Jul 25 15:19:48 EDT 2006

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Subject: R: SpeedTouch 330 fails to load firmware

> >
> > Hi Giampaolo
> Hi,
> > Sometimes, when there is some partial upload of the firmware at boot or
> > workaround fails, I have to reboot the PC and try again as the
> > modem seems to refuse to reset and accept another attempt to upload the
> > firmware.  The modem is plugged directly into my PC and so, during
> > of the PC, power to the usb bus is removed for long enough to reset the
> > modem and I do not have to power down the PC.
> >
> > Keith
> You probably are experiencing a different problem, but the fact you don't
need to cycle the power of your PC in order to get the USB power removed
makes me envious... :)
> Regards,
> giampaolo
Does it not work to unload the usb controller to remove power from usb bus?
It work for me on every machine I have tested.

modprobe -r uhci_hcd  ohci_hcd ehci_hcd

modprobe uhci_hcd
modprobe ohci_hcd
modprobe ehci_hcd


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