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Thu Dec 21 11:28:42 EST 2006

This could be your big break!	
Call your broker and ask about news from Physicians Adult Daycare, Inc. (PHYA)	
This tightly held issue is in a booming sector and has just 	
begun a PR blitz that will soon have everyone talking about 	
it and rushing to get in.  When interest like this is 	
generated there is only one way to go and that's UP!	
Physicians Adult Daycare, Inc.	
Symbol: PHYA	
Current Price:                $2.12	
Short-Term Projected Price:   $4.25	
Long-Term Target Price:       $10.20	
As the population ages, the economic value in the US market 	
for adult daycare is projected to grow nearly 600%.  	
Globally the potential market is a staggering $45 billion.	
PHYA is right there in this red hot sector.  Go to your 	
favorite financial news source and read up on the latest 	
press releases by PHYA.  You will see reports of 	
acquisitions and negotiations for some big time deals.	
More incredible news is on the way.  The big one hasn't 	
even hit the streets yet and we have already seen this one 	
go up 50%!!!	
Wednesday resulted in a slight pull back after some well-earned profit taking.  	
This just sweetens the deal for those who want to get in now	
Don't let this opportunity pass you buy.  Do yourself a 	
favor and get in on this big break.  More exciting news to 	

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