rx_err vs rx_drop

Duncan Sands baldrick at free.fr
Tue May 3 05:48:18 EDT 2005

In the usbatm (i.e. speedtch) driver, we don't support OAM cells
right now, so we do:

                if (pti == ATM_PTI_E2EF5) {
                        atm_warn(instance, "%s: OAM not supported (vpi %d, vci %d)!\n", __func__, vpi, vci);

Is it correct to increment rx_err, or should we be incrementing
rx_drop?  The comment on rx_drop is:

    __HANDLE_ITEM(rx_drop);             /* RX out of memory */

We didn't run out of memory, but we do drop the packet...

Thanks for your help,


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