Error in ATM_PHY_SIG_* logic on speedtch.c?

Aurelio Arroyo listas_sk3 at
Tue Jun 14 18:42:07 EDT 2005


Now speedtch.c use this:
    0x00 => ATM_PHY_SIG_LOST
    0x10 => ATM_PHY_SIG_LOST
    0x20 => ATM_PHY_SIG_FOUND

But at 0x10 you don't lost the sync...

And if you get  0x00, 0x08, 0x10, 0x00 you lost the state change and  
speedtch_start_synchro isn't it call.

I use this logic too at amedyn.c so I have to change it too.

Store and check last modem state?

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