[linux-usb-devel] [RFC] Conexant AccessRunner ADSL USB modem driver

Duncan Sands duncan.sands at math.u-psud.fr
Thu Jan 20 08:45:56 EST 2005

Hi Roman,

> I think we want to support frimware loading from userspace, and then the
> userspace tool will need a means to let the driver know that it can
> start using the device.

I don't think anything is needed for this.  Can't you do user-space loading
as follows:

(1) use usbfs to unbind the kernel module from the device
(2) upload the firmware
(3) use usbfs to rebind the kernel module to the device.

In the module's probe routine it will (hopefully) detect that the device is
already initialized, and not try to upload the firmware itself.  No ioctl needed.



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