[RFC][PATCH] Very basic sysfs support for ATM devices

Aurelio Arroyo listas_sk3 at yahoo.es
Wed Jan 19 15:46:36 EST 2005

Hi Roman,

> > Delay it until line sync end?
> No, you don't want the ATM device to disappear if someone pulls out the
> phone line jack.  That's what atm_dev->signal is for.

I say delay create it, not delete if sync is lost.

> The problem I'm seeing is in pppd: if it fails to establish a
> connection, it should either retry or exit with a failure code.  Instead
> it's going to sleep forever, and that IMO is a bug.

I don't know about pppd work, i don't need it, when I read your words I
thinked the problem was only when pppd init.

So I think is best delay creation until pppd can realy work than add a time
sleep ( I can need minutes to sync line :^S )

Aurelio Arroyo

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