RFC : usbatm and iso

matthieu castet castet.matthieu at free.fr
Wed Jan 19 14:27:52 EST 2005


I have started to add iso support to usbatm.

I have some questions.

In udsl_complete_receive, why if urb->actual_length <= 0, we don't
directly resubmit the urb ?
It is useless to change the buffer, because it is empty.

I need to allow the user to give a number of frame per iso urb : should
I add another module parameter or try to use rcv_buf_size ?

My modem is strange : I have lot's CRC error in urb status.
Is it the firmware of my modem that is broken ?

Why usb_atm actually do nothing when status != 0, and don't try to recover ?

In the future, FASTEST_ISO_RATE will be given  by modules that use it.
For the endpoint I don't know if what I did is ok, or if it is better to
do like roman proposed.

What's rcv_padding ?
Should I use it in iso mode?

Finally when I remove my modem driver, the kernel panic...


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