eagle-usb port + thought

matthieu castet castet.matthieu at free.fr
Mon Jan 17 17:39:53 EST 2005


 >> Finally I believe the new model which mix usb and atm device is not
 >> right : we couldn't manage all the modem in one file : eagle-usb 
need to
 >> manage the state machine of the modem and send it dynamicly part of
 >> firmware it want (not enough memory on the device...). So the code is
 >> big and not very common with other modem...

 >Just the firmware code, or all of the code if very different?  If it 
is >all
 >very different, then maybe it should be a completely separate driver.

Well, the usb-atm is in common (part for receiving/sending data), but 
there is another part for managing the modem (State machine + ...).
So the actual driver model where usb-atm and device-specific are 
speparate is ok.

For the new usbatm like usbnet, it should result in lot's of code in one 



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