eagle-usb port + thought

matthieu castet castet.matthieu at free.fr
Mon Jan 17 15:14:43 EST 2005


I have tried to port sagem eagle-usb modem to use usb-atm.
Actually like I said to Duncan, the usb-atm lib only support bulk 
transfer, but it don't work very well for hi rate (> 1 Mb) : there is rx 
atm trame corruption.
Iso Transfers is need for higher rate.
Does anybody plan to add it (I not familiar with usb code of usb-atm) ?

I agree that the firmware stuff in usb-atm could be removed and we can 
load the library when the modem is ready : when loading eagle-usb 
firmware, the device change its id...

I have some question:
for "u.atm_dev->signal" : when ATM_PHY_SIG_LOST, does the ATM layer try 
to send trame ?

Also for u.atm_dev->link_rate, what's the units (why / 424 is need). Is 
the value is really used by the atm layer ?
Isn't it a problem that we put the download rate and not the upload rate ?

I had to investigate, because I have some freeze after unloading, 
reloading the driver.

Finally I believe the new model which mix usb and atm device is not 
right : we couldn't manage all the modem in one file : eagle-usb need to 
manage the state machine of the modem and send it dynamicly part of 
firmware it want (not enough memory on the device...). So the code is 
big and not very common with other modem...



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