exporting CARD_INFO_GET to user space

Duncan Sands baldrick at free.fr
Tue Feb 22 10:59:41 EST 2005

>  1) should it be a common interface only (i.e. each subdriver does it on
>     its own following some convention), or a common implementaion (e.g.
>     struct usbatm_data is extended to contain a standard set of
>     attributes; the subdriver is supposed to fill them in, while the
>     core takes care of exporting them to userspace)?
>  2) which userspace interface is the most convenient (sysfs, proc,
>     ioctl)?
>  3) should the exported data go in a single piece (one sysfs/proc file,
>     one ioctl) or multiple per-attribute pieces?
>  4) should the data be converted to human-readable strings, or
>     this should be left to the userspace utilities?

... and how much can be done in the ATM layer.



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