UM1020 support

Marco d'Itri md at Linux.IT
Sat Feb 19 14:47:24 EST 2005

The following patch adds support for the Aethra Starmodem UM1020, an
ultra-cheap device based on the Rushmore chipset (CX82320) sold by
Tiscali for 9.90€ in supermarkets.

I had been able to use it *once* a few months ago with the cxfirm4.bin
firmware and the old xdslusb driver, but after then I have not been
able anymore to sync to the carrier.

The windows driver only has the ethernet firmware, and when I try to
load the new cxacru with the cxfirm4.bin firmware it fails ("wrong data
length 0x19 in response").
Please let me know where I can find a more recent firmware (yes, I know
about the missing extractor and windows drivers).

I am also the maintainer for the debian xdslusb and speedtouch
packages, but I will have them removed from the archive as soon the new
cxacru will be merged by Linus.

--- ../drivers/usb/atm/cxacru.c	2005-02-16 13:10:09.000000000 +0100
+++ usbatm/cxacru.c	2005-02-19 18:45:02.200835864 +0100
@@ -822,6 +822,10 @@
 		/* V = Zyxel				P = 630-C1 aka OMNI ADSL USB modem	*/
 		USB_DEVICE(0x0586, 0x330a)
+	{
+		/* V = Aethra				P = Starmodem UM1020			*/
+		USB_DEVICE(0x0659, 0x0020)
+	},


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