Duncan Sands baldrick at
Sat Feb 12 12:35:27 EST 2005

> >E.g. bt848 does it...

In fact, every user of the firmware loader does it (I checked).

> That doesn't excuse it.

While what you say is logically correct, having usbatm differ from
all other cases in the kernel would be confusing.

> >> Make CONFIG_USBATM depend on CONFIG_FW_LOADER instead. There's
> >> no need for embedded people to be doing it in userspace.
> >
> >That would be even more confusing: failing to select CONFIG_FW_LOADER
> >will make usbatm invisible.
> But if you know you want usbatm on, you can look at the Kconfig and work
> that out.

Why should you have to?  (And first you have to find the Kconfig...)

> But if usbatm selects fw_loader and you want fw_loader off you
> have no way of knowing why you can't turn it off.

That's not true, at least with menuconfig: if you ask for help on
"Hotplug firmware loading support" you get a list of guys that
selected it.



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