speedtch usbatm.h,1.4,1.5 usbatm2.c,1.13,1.14

Roman Kagan rkagan at mail.ru
Sat Feb 12 11:59:22 EST 2005

On Sat, Feb 12, 2005 at 05:42:53PM +0100, Duncan Sands wrote:
> Hi Roman, I still don't see why it is bogus.  Since the struct
> udsl_instance_data is the first element of struct
> speedtch_instance_data, a pointer to it is the same thing as a pointer
> to the speedtch_instance_data (same memory location).  The kfree will
> simply free the speedtch_instance_data, which is what we want, no?

Umm, probably you're right, I didn't pay attention to this detail of the
structure layout (is it guaranteed by gcc?).


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