speedtch usbatm.h,1.4,1.5 usbatm2.c,1.13,1.14

matthieu castet castet.matthieu at free.fr
Sat Feb 12 09:50:26 EST 2005

Duncan Sands wrote:
> Hi Roman,
>>If it doesn't go in, I think we at least should remove that bogus kfree call
>>in udsl_destroy_instance: a memleak is better than a probability of a
> which bogus kfree do you mean?  I see a kfree in udsl_destroy_instance,
> but it looks fine to me...

the kfree is done on data which is statically initialized by the driver, 
so the kfree is is bogus.
But even if we remove the kfree, it won't solve the problem, since we 
can unload the driver and erase the instance data(loading an other 
module that reuse the memory where the instance was stored), and if 
usbatm try to access to this (from atm call for example) it with panic...


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