[Linux-ATM-General] [RFC][PATCH] Very basic sysfs support for ATM devices (updated)

chas williams - CONTRACTOR chas at cmf.nrl.navy.mil
Sat Feb 5 20:33:18 EST 2005

In message <20050204201327.GA2439 at katya>,Roman Kagan writes:
>> +static CLASS_DEVICE_ATTR(address, S_IRUGO, show_address, NULL);
>Maybe it should better be "esi", to match the name in struct atm_dev?

its called address for ethernet network interfaces so i guess calling
it address here is sensible.

>script, and hoping that was enough for the driver to complete
>initializing atm_dev.  I suspect the only way to fix it is to split the
>atm_dev initialization into two stages, allocation and registration, as
>it is done for net_device.

yeah which is why i just wanted to convert atm_dev to just be a netdevice.
the code is already written and "stable".

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