speedtch speedtch.c,1.49,1.50

Duncan Sands baldrick at free.fr
Fri Apr 22 04:39:06 EDT 2005

Hi Roman,

> AFAICS struct work_struct already includes a timer, and
> linux/workqueue.h provides schedule_delayed_work() /
> cancel_rearming_delayed_work() to use it, so we can switch to using
> those instead of maintaining our own timer.  I'm about to do just that
> to cxacru.

not for the speedtch, because the work gets scheduled by the interrupt
endpoint completion handler also, without a delay.

> BTW what do you think about using our own workqueue?  I guess keventd
> won't tolerate suspending for two seconds, as is possible with current
> status polling routines both in speedtch and cxacru, which you've
> pointed out some time ago.

Something will need to be done, but I think we should first get what
we have now into the kernel.  We can perfect it later.



PS: Another possibility, rather than a workqueue, is to simply only
do asynchronous IO (i.e. don't use the _msg stuff).

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