Merging with Linus's kernel

Marco d'Itri md at Linux.IT
Fri Apr 1 06:52:42 EST 2005

On Apr 01, Duncan Sands <baldrick at> wrote:

> > ZyXEL 630-11 is based on Alcatel Dynamite chipset, so cxacru is not
> > concerned.  It also appears to be somewhat different from the SpeedTouch
> > line of modems, so Aurelio Arroyo is currently maintaining a separate
> > driver for it, amedyn.
> Marco's patch is pretty small.  All it does is not load firmware when
> it is this modem (plus it adds ids of course).  So... maybe Aurelio can
> comment?
I just ported the code from xdslusb, if that worked then my patch
should work too.

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