Merging with Linus's kernel

Duncan Sands baldrick at
Fri Apr 1 05:32:20 EST 2005

Hi David,

> Are we ready to start pushing our code to a wider audience? I could set
> up a BitKeeper tree and merge the current code from CVS into it, and ask
> Andrew Morton to include that in his -mm development tree...

why not just push to gregkh?  After all, he is the USB honcho, and his
tree is automagically included in -mm.  Anyway, we currently have the
following problems

(1) I haven't finished porting the speedtch driver to the new usbatm
(2) the new setup requires that the ATM layer generate hotplug events.
Roman posted a patch, but I don't know what happened to that.
(3) a small patch will need to be applied to modem_run, for those weird
people who don't want to use the in-kernel firmware loader.

As far as I can see, the main problem we have is me: I have hardly any
time to work on this stuff.  Things have calmed down at work so it may
be better for the next couple of weeks...



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