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Ludovic Rousseau ludovic.rousseau
Fri Oct 23 10:04:23 PDT 2015

2015-10-23 17:08 GMT+02:00 Thomas Capricelli <orzel at freehackers.org>:

> Hi,


> I have a few questions regarding
> https://pcsclite.alioth.debian.org/ccid/supported.html#0x08E60x3437
> 1) What does "Features: serial" mean here ?
> https://pcsclite.alioth.debian.org/ccid/supported.html#0x08E60x3437
This reader can be connected to a serial port (instead of a USB port) using
the adapted cable.

> 2) There seems to be different readers called "Gemalato GemPC USB", isn't
> there?

Product names sometimes change.
The PC Twin has been renamed PC USB and then CT30.
See http://support.gemalto.com/index.php?id=pc_usb_tr_and_pc_twin

The CT30 is at
This model can't be used on a serial port.

> 3) "SCM Microsystems" is no more, it's called "Identiv Infrastructure"
> according to http://www.identive-infrastructure.com
> "HP USB SmartCard Reader" is listed there. Why ? In this case too, i'm
> afraid there are several different devices going by this name.

Manufacturer names also change over time.
For example see "Gemalto smart card readers"

A good way to identify a USB device is to use the VendorID and ProductID
numbers. They are 16-bits integers like 0x08E6 and 0x3437 in your example

A manufacturer may use the same product name for different devices, or
different product names for the same device as we saw above.
My list uses the name indicated in the USB descriptor (unless I overwrite
the name by hand).


 Dr. Ludovic Rousseau
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