[Pcsclite-muscle] acsccid 1.1.1 Released

Godfrey Chung godfreyhkchung
Mon Nov 9 01:03:38 PST 2015

Dear All

I would like to inform you that acsccid 1.1.1 had been released.

v1.1.1 (3/11/2015)
- Fix the mutex lock problem in Multi_InterruptRead().
- Fix uninitialized variable warning in ACR38_CmdPowerOn().
- Fix APDU sequence bug in ACR122U.
- Merge with ccid 1.4.19.
  - Use libusb_error_name() instead of strerror().
  - Ignore errno and use libusb returned value only.
  - IFDHSleep(): timout parameter is in ms not ?s.
  - Enable syslog logging on Yosemite.
- Merge with ccid 1.4.20.
  - MacOSX/configure: use /usr/local/libexec/... on El Capitan.
- Merge with ccid 1.4.21.
  - Use libusb_error_name() to display the error name.
  - OpenUSBByName(): add more time on Mac OS X.
  - OpenUSBByName(): fix the order of interfaces in log.
  - OpenUSBByName(): free the device list in case of error.
  - Info.plist: use hex values in the documentation.
- Replace ccid_error() with acr38_error() in ACR38_Receive().
- Update LIBUSB_NEEDED_VERSION to 1.0.9 in configure.ac.
- Return IFD_ERROR_INSUFFICIENT_BUFFER if rx_length < 2 in CCID_Receive().
- Return 64 02 if two "new PIN" entries do not match in CCID_Receive().
- Implements SPE pseudo APDU from PC/SC v2.02.02 Part 10 Supplement.
- Enable bPPDUSupport over SCardTransmit in IFDHControl().
- Return 6B 80 if the parameter is invalid in SecurePINVerify().
- Return 6B 80 if the parameter is invalid in SecurePINModify().
- Fix segmentation fault on Mac OS X in CardDetectionThread().
- Break if the device was disconnected in CardDetectionThread().
- Use pthread_exit() in CardDetectionThread().
- Add the following readers support:
  ACR1251 Reader
  ACR3201 ICC Reader
  OEM Reader (VID: 072F, PID: 8205)

Please download it from http://acsccid.sourceforge.net/.



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