[Pcsclite-muscle] Feitian SCR301 - new version

orzel at freehackers.org orzel
Fri Nov 6 02:00:45 PST 2015

Il 06/11/2015 10:56, Ludovic Rousseau ha scritto:
> So you have to test if a case 2 APDU with Le=0 works for you.
> You may have to never use such an APDU. So the reader may work well for you.

I understand this. I was asking about how to send such a "border case" 
APDU. Any code somewhere ? any regression tests suite  ?

> Yes. They are all Feitian readers
> https://pcsclite.alioth.debian.org/select_readers/?idVendor=2414

I mean : there are displayed in two different sections on the page, that 
looks weird

Thomas Capricelli <orzel at freehackers.org>

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