OpenWrt 22.03.5 fifth service release

Hauke Mehrtens hauke at
Mon May 1 14:46:07 PDT 2023


The OpenWrt community is proud to announce the newest stable release of 
the OpenWrt 22.03 stable version series. It fixes security issues, 
improves device support, and brings a few bug fixes.

Download firmware images using the OpenWrt Firmware Selector:
Download firmware images directly from our download servers:

Main changes between OpenWrt 22.03.4 and OpenWrt 22.03.5:

Security fixes

   * CVE-2023-0464: openssl: Excessive Resource Usage Verifying X.509
     Policy Constraints
   * CVE-2023-0465: openssl: Invalid certificate policies in leaf
     certificates are silently ignored

Device support

    * Archer AX23 / MR70X: Reduce SPI-frequency
    * Aruba AP-105: Create APBoot compatible image
    * Buffalo WSR-600DHP: Fix boot loop

Various fixes and improvements

    * Fix UBI (Unsorted Block Images) bug which prevented some devices
      from booting
    * Fix ccache compile with GCC 13

Core components update

   * Update uclient from 2021-05-14 to 2023-04-13


Full release notes and upgrade instructions are available at

In particular, make sure to read the regressions and known issues before 

For a detailed list of all changes since 22.03.4, refer to

To download the 22.03.5 images, navigate to:
Use OpenWrt Firmware Selector to download:

As always, a big thank you goes to all our active package maintainers,
testers, documenters and supporters.

Have fun!

The OpenWrt Community


To stay informed of new OpenWrt releases and security advisories, there
are new channels available:

   * a low-volume mailing list for important announcements:

   * a dedicated "announcements" section in the forum:

   * other announcement channels (such as RSS feeds) might be added in the
     future, they will be listed at
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