TOTP / Second password CLI option?

Ismael Farfán sulfurfff at
Wed Oct 25 12:57:13 PDT 2023


Our VPN server requires a Password + TOTP/"push" code.

I lost the TOTP key long ago xD but, If I use "push" as a code, I get
a phone notification to grant access.

How can I put the password and code in the CLI line?

Currently I HAVE to fail the first try because it only asks for one
password, so I couldn't script it and then during the second try it
actually asks for both passwords.

This is how I'm currently connecting, manually typing the username and

openconnect   \
--authgroup foo \
--passwd-on-stdin \
--verbose \

I also tried with KDE network-manager UI but none of the available
openconnect templates had a group option, let alone passwords.

I'm using Debian stable with openconnect 9.01-3.


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