openconnect fails to connect to my school vpn

Jang, WonSeok WonSeok_Jang at
Mon Nov 6 09:08:11 PST 2023

Hello I am a student at some university.

I was trying to use the openconnect to use the Paloaltonetwork vpn, 
which will connect me to my school server whenever I'm off campus.

However, the openconnect will not work. Here are the errors :


Connected to
SSL negotiation with
Connected to HTTPS on with cipher- -- erased
SAML REDIRECT authentication is required via -- erased some url
When SAML authentication is complete, specify destination form field by 
appending :field_name to login URL.
Failed to parse XML server response
Failed to complete authentication


My school uses duo mfa when logging in.

Is there anyway to fix this?? I am currently using Arch linux.

Thank you!

Won Seok

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