Think about a v9.1 release?

James Ralston ralston at
Wed Feb 22 19:32:50 PST 2023

I gently echo the requests for a 9.02 release.

Without commit c9831b38, OpenConnect does not support Pulse VPN
servers 9.1R16 or later; both --protocol=nc and --protocol=pulse are

We are a RHEL shop, and the EPEL project provides OpenConnect RPMs for
RHEL, but EPEL didn’t cherry-pick c9831b38 into their 9.01 package

This past weekend, our network team upgraded our Pulse server to
9.1R16 over the past weekend—which meant on Monday morning all Linux
OpenConnect users were locked out of the VPN. I built and packaged
openconnect HEAD, but then we had a chicken-and-the-egg problem where
the folks who needed the upgraded package couldn’t get it because you
had to be connected to the VPN to access the package repository
server. (I finally ended up emailing the RPM package to personal email

I could file a Bugzilla against EPEL to cherry-pick commit c9831b38
into their 9.01 package builds, but the best solution for the Pulse
9.1R16 compatibility issue would be to cut a 9.02 release from the
current HEAD. Please?

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