Cannot enter 2FA code

Ian Braithwaite idb at
Wed Sep 14 00:51:13 PDT 2022

On 13/09/2022 20:35, Daniel Lenski wrote:
>>>> 2. Does spoofing an official Cisco Windows client change anything?
>>>> (openconnect --os=win --useragent 'Cisco AnyConnect VPN Agent for
>>>> Windows 4.9.0195')?)
>> Very much - OpenConnect successfully connects, without the redirect.
> Excellent. Quick follow-up: does it require *both* of those arguments
> to connect successfully? Or is simply `--os=win` sufficient?

Interesting:  `--os=win` is sufficient.

> Thank you, this was a great job digging into the mailing list for
> related past issues, and clears up some mysteries.

You're very welcome - thank you!


> Perhaps we should update our Cisco-specific docs at
> (source is at
> to emphasize the need to spoof official Cisco clients to workaround
> authentication issues in some cases. Merge requests would be welcome
> Dan

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