"No SSO handler" error for non-SSO auth group

Marc Burgess BRGMAR019 at myuct.ac.za
Fri Sep 2 15:34:22 PDT 2022

Hi there,

I'm trying to connect to my university's network (AnyConnect). I use OpenConnect because I need split tunnelling, and it was working fine, but they seem to have changed something about the server config and now I get the "Please complete the authentication process in the AnyConnect Login window message.". Previously I could just include username and password on command line.

Using the AnyConnect GUI there are two options for the group: azuresso and vpn.uct.ac.za. The former brings up an SSO window, but the latter is just standard username/password auth. I'm using --authgroup=vpn.uct.ac.za so I was hoping it would skip the SSO part in openconnect. I didn't need to use authgroup at all before whatever the change was.

Is there something I'm doing wrong here? It looks like the original request XML includes single-sign-on-v2 in the auth-method - should this be the case if I'm not using the SSO auth group? (<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><config-auth client="vpn" type="init" aggregate-auth-version="2"><version who="vpn">v8.20-1</version><device-id>linux-64</device-id><capabilities><auth-method>single-sign-on-v2</auth-method></capabilities><group-access>https://vpn.uct.ac.za/</group-access></config-auth>)

I'd appreciate any suggestions on how to get past this. I'm using WSL so trying to get openconnect-sso working is difficult.

Many thanks,
Marc Burgess
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