Questions about OpenConnect with Pulse and a bug

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We would like to use OpenConnect (currently 9.01-0+9.1) productively as a VPN client (under Ubuntu 20.04 and 22.04) with Pulse as the backend (currently 9.1R14), but we still have the following open questions:

1. Is "--protocol=nc" used for Pulse SSL VPN and "--protocol=pulse" used for Pulse ESP (IPsec) VPN?

2. Does the "--protocol=pulse" fallback to SSL if the VPN connection with ESP doesn't work?

3. Why can't OpenConnect always establish a VPN connection with "--protocol=pulse"?
"Configured as, with SSL connected and ESP in progress" is then displayed here, but sometimes "ESP session established with server" does not appear and consequently "ping domain" does not work, although the client has a company-internal IP address.
Here you have to disconnect the VPN connection and re-establish it again until "ESP session established with server" is there, then the VPN works with "--protocol=pulse" without any problems.
With "--protocl=nc" I don't have these problems, this is more reliable than "--protocol=pulse". Can it be a bug?


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