OpenConnect 9.01 does not work under Ubuntu 20.04

David Woodhouse dwmw2 at
Wed May 4 11:39:43 PDT 2022

> > > It would have to be ran manually every time. 
> > 
> > I thought it could be automated as part of debian/rules? 
> It makes sense to maintain a symbols file only if each version is
> annotated with the exact package version that first introduced it, so
> that dpkg can generate the minimal dependency required based on the
> subset of symbols used by the building package, picking the version
> of the most recent one. Otherwise it has no benefits, and only
> maintenance costs.

Yeah, understood. That script *does* build a symbols file with the
correct "first version" for each symbol, because that information is
there in text form in the changelog at the top of openconnect.h

It basically builds a file which is the same as the one you're doing by
hand, although you ought to be marking the @OPENCONNECT_PRIVATE symbols
as *new* in each release because they have no ABI guarantee; they
shouldn't be considered the same as the same named symbol in 6.0 as
your symbols file suggests.

> > For the Fedora packages we just ship the library and binary together in
> > the *same* package, and that means they are very much in lock-step
> > anyway. The binary uses private exports from the library that are very
> > much *not* API-managed. The normal library API hygiene doesn't help at
> > all there.
> A symbols file wouldn't help with that, as it would make things more
> lax, not more strict.

Especially if you mark those symbols as being compatible with v6.0 :)

>  Forcing installations through dpkg is always
> possible - it is a user error in most cases. The OBS page clearly
> lists the repository and the instructions to use it first via apt,
> bypassing that should not be done unless one knows exactly what they
> are doing.


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