AW: AW: How can I specify a realm with "--protocol=pulse"?

David Woodhouse dwmw2 at
Wed May 4 05:06:45 PDT 2022

On Wed, 2022-05-04 at 11:11 +0000, Schütz Dominik wrote:
> With the hack and "pulse_realm_choice:realm_choice" it works fine:
> But now I get a other output, when I authenticate with username +
> password:
> # The two "lookup" messages are new

> Enter user credentials:
> lookup 'pulse_user:username'
> Username:dominik at domain
> lookup 'pulse_user:password'
> Password:

Yes, that's exactly the point of the hack. All it does is print the
'key' of every field it asks the user for, so that you know how to
identify it in the '-F' argument on the command line.

Now that you know what key to use for the realm choice, you can drop
the hack.
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