dead connection after "Error in the pull function"

Bernd Schubert bernd.schubert at
Wed Aug 10 01:21:01 PDT 2022


I'm typically working from home with a fibre connection and not too far 
from our vpn server and everything works fine (around 8ms ping to the 
vpn server). For about two weeks I'm working from about 1000km away from 
the vpn server and over tv-cable (150ms to the vpn server). Some from 
here I get reproducible "Read error on SSL session: Error in the pull 
function." after a few  minutes, it then seems to try to re-establish 
the connection, but actually ends up in a dead connection.
I had found this thread

and according to the discussion the issue is supposed to be resolved 
with 8.20. Ubuntu 22.04 already has openconnect-8.20 and I also just 
updated to 9.01 - does not help.
The discussion also mentions "--no-dtls" and that helps indeed - no 
issue with this option. The discussion also mentions performance issues 
and recommends to not set that option - no idea about that yet - latency 
from here is so much higher anyway.

Any idea what is going on or how to debug it?

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