Forward packages over AnyConnect tunnel

Daniel Sahlberg daniel.l.sahlberg at
Mon Nov 1 07:14:46 PDT 2021


(Please keep me in CC since I'm not subscribed to the list! Thanks!)

I'm trying to create a VPN router between network A ("local") and
network B ("remote").

Simple network map
Network A   
OpenConnect "router"
Cisco router
Network B   

I can connect the VPN and use it on the machine where I run OpenConnect.

I have configured routing properly on the other machines on network A
(ie, traffic to should go through If I
set net.ipv4.ip_forward=1 the traffic seems to enter the tunnel.
However I don't see any replies.

Is OpenConnect capable of forwarding traffic? I suppose it might need
some NAT masquerading and I have tried the regular iptables setup but
I havn't been able to make it work.

Kind regards
Daniel Sahlberg

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