restored from backup, down.

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> Subject: restored from backup, down.
> The machine hosting and suffered a
> complete disk failure over the weekend; sadly the last backup of the
> mailman config was fairly old (May 2018) so the subscriber lists and archives
> have been reset to that date, but the lists should be running again.
> I've recreated the new lists which had been created since then.
> The lists should be up and running again on a new host; we can recreate
> archives if anyone can provide the mailboxes.

There is this page:

Don't know whether they provide a sufficient interface though or will respond and help if asked nicely ...



> Users will have to resubscribe (and in some cases, unsubscribe again).
> Apologies for the inconvenience.
> If you had personal email hosted on, or going through,
> then please let me know and we can move you to
> another box.
> The dead box was also; I'll be fixing that next... if you had an
> account and want it reinstated then please let me know.
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