AW: Problems with ocserv and Active Directory via SSSD

Tobias Grychtol-Matthaeus tgrymatt at
Tue Dec 15 06:02:21 EST 2020

Hi Nikos,

> This is an error from pam_sss, you'll need to increase verbosity on
> sssd to see the actual reason. Have you used the
> instructions?

Thanks for your email. I checked now deeper the PAM configuration and you are right, it was an error from pam_sss. After fixing the SSSD PAM configuration it works smooth. I am now connected with my AD user.
Now I will try to add the OTP second factor via PAM too. That would be perfect then :)

To answer your question: No, I did not used the freeipa instructions. I just installed SSSD like we do it always. But for ocserv I must reconfigure the PAM-files.

Best, Tobias


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