Openconnect SSL & Wyse 5060

Tim Green timg161 at
Sat Dec 5 09:55:47 EST 2020

I am having great difficulty with a Wyse Thin client device connecting 
to Cisco ASA using Openconnect.  We currently have Win anyconnect  
clients working perfectly but I am setting up a lab environment for the 
office to test the Wyse thin client devices for future production.  I 
have contacted my SSL cert provider and they checked our cert and said 
everything was fine.  Also When I try to load the cert with a USB drive 
it always loads to "Unknown CA"?

I previously had this working but our office has upgraded the ASA device 
and something is just not working with the rekeyed certificate anymore.


"The certificate authority is invalid or incorrect"

"The hostname in the certificate is invalid or does not match"

I am not an expert on certificates and have tried everything I know to 
get this to work again with no luck.

Would someone be kind enough to send me step by step instructions on how 
to get this working starting from step 1?

Thanks in Advance

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